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121’s / Behavioural Transformation Package

If you have a particular behaviour struggle that you need some help with, get in contact and lets put together a plan of action to help. Our one to ones are extremely popular so please book well in advance. We can offer them virtually as well as in person (covid allowing)


  • Zoe With Sherlock

    Nikki is exactly what I needed. Why? Because not only is she a fantastic dog trainer, she’s a brilliant human coach too!! I’ve come to realise that training your dog is just as much about your development and learning as theirs, and Nikki can help you with both.

Ever feel like it doesn’t matter how much dog training you do, something just doesn’t seem to be clicking with your dog and you don’t know why?

We really do understand – we’ve been there.

Our dogs have experienced just about every dog behaviour struggle you can imagine.  

Sometimes you need someone else to unravel it all for you and give you a clear plan of action to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

Booking a 121 with us is a very easy process and we will recommend the best next steps for you which will vary from dog to dog – but whatever help you need, we are here for you at every step.

1. Step one

Complete the online consultation form – this consultation form is free to complete, but we ask that you complete it in as much detail as possible so that we can provide you with the most appropriate next steps and assign an instructor specific for your needs.

If you would prefer to arrange a telephone call in order to speak to a member of the team, please book a ‘Discovery Call’ using our general enquiry form. This ‘Discovery Call’ costs £20.00.

2. Step two

Following the completed consultation form or Discovery Call, we will provide you with the most appropriate next steps for your individual needs.

This may include;

Some of our students also have regular one to ones booked in every month for maximum impact, to ensure that they have that accountability and know that someone has got their back.

3. Step three

You will be assigned an Instructor and Training Plan most suited to your individual needs.

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