On The Ball - Dog Behaviour and Training


At On The Ball, we run both virtual and in person classes

Classes do change, depending on the season so if you would like more information please send us an enquiry using the button below, or come and join us in our Community Group on Facebook.


Which is right for you? In Person or Virtual?

All dogs learn at different paces, and deal with distractions in different ways.

If your dog finds the in person environment hard, is new to training, or needs to brush up on their foundations then we would always recommend training in Virtual to begin with.

Once they’ve mastered focus on you and have a few games under their belt then you can take them to in person classes to see how they cope around distractions.

You are of course free to choose whichever classes you wish – and if you need any advice at all just shout we are always happy to have a chat about your dog’s individual needs.

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