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The Puppy Course

Our comprehensive 6 week puppy training course including handouts, private facebook group and more - help your puppy to be the well adjusted and happy dog that you want!

Next Course Details

  • Tuesday 1st March 2022 (7.30pm)

    Course runs for 6 weeks with a comprehensive look at life skills for at home and out and about. Class runs virtually on a Tuesday at 7.30pm with an in person follow up class on the following Saturday for those that live closeby

When you get a puppy you want to make sure you are starting off your training on the right foot and with the right type of dog training.

Youtube puppy training videos and advice from friends can only get you so far.

Puppies are busy bees that are easily excitable. We LOVE puppies.

Puppies all have their own unique individual personalities.

And believe you and me, we have all been there at the end of a loooooong day wondering what went so wrong as the little landshark (that’s actually an official term for all puppies you know) is biting our feet for the 100th time that day, whilst zooming around the lounge like a sugar fuelled toddler.

Landshark – an official term for all puppies who instigate biting at seemingly random times of the day – most often during witching hour

Our Puppy Course is more than just a puppy class. You need MORE.

We teach you life skills that your puppy needs to be calm and collected in all situations. A puppy that you can walk with pride as he focuses on you, NOT the bird/dog/car/jogger (insert your puppy’s favourite distraction here)

We will help you to teach your puppy to be confident and happy in all situations.

This puppy training course is also perfect for rescue dogs and dogs of any age that need to learn some foundation skills.

What you get..

6 Weekly Classes and pre-class recordings

In-person classes take place on a Tuesday at 6pm.

Taking you through the specific stages and concepts that your puppy NEEDS to learn and to grow.

Every Friday you’ll also receive a pre-recorded lesson covering everything we’ll be going through in class, to give you time to practice before you even arrive at the field.

A dedicated Facebook Group

Just for you, your trainer and your classmates.  Share your puppy training journey with others, ask questions and recap on the exercises.  A safe space for you to connect and share.

Free Downloadable Handouts

Life access and added to the facebook group after each puppy lesson recapping the exercises shown.

A bumper filled Puppy Ebook

Added at the end of the training course, containing ALL of the exercises you were shown, plus MORE to help you on your new journey with your new puppy.

But that’s not it!

We want you to get a taste of all of your puppy’s future learning and start to pick up all of our amazing tips and advice.  

As part of the Puppy Course we give you:

BONUS ACCESS to two more classes during the 6 week course.

(NOTE: Our membership is £65 a month in itself so this is AMAZING value!).


Eligible for a Discounted One to One at time of booking (£42.50 instead of £85).

ALL of this for just £120.00

One more thing…

Some puppy owners want to get started on training from day 1.  So we offer one to ones to cover things like, night time waking, toileting, barking, walking, to crate or not to crate…

The list really could go on.

Some customers even have a one to one before their puppy arrives  – we can advise on all the basic items to get.

This is the ULTIMATE to getting you started on the right foot with your puppy training.

As a Puppy Course customer you get your first one to one at a discounted price:

One to One £42.50 (usual price £85)

This is because we are just so passionate about puppies and want to help you to give your puppy the best start.  The offer can’t be booked at any other time so if you are thinking about a one to one, now is the time to do it. Click on any of the buttons on this page to complete the registration form and book your place.

Questions? Just email nikki@ontheball.dog

We hope you decide to join us and we cant wait to meet you and your dog!

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