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The Puppy Course

Our comprehensive 6 week puppy training course including handouts, private facebook group and more - help your puppy to be the well adjusted and happy dog that you want!

Next Course Details

  • Tuesday 1st March 2022 (7.30pm)

    Course runs for 6 weeks with a comprehensive look at life skills for at home and out and about. Class runs virtually on a Tuesday at 7.30pm with an in person follow up class on the following Saturday for those that live closeby

If you have a puppy, or a dog new to our style of training, our Puppy Package is for you! 

When you get a puppy or a new dog you want to make sure you are starting off your training on the right foot and with the right type of dog training. Online puppy training videos and advice from friends can only get you so far! We have all been there at the end of a long day wondering what went so wrong as the little monkey is biting our feet for the 100th time that day, whilst zooming around the lounge like a sugar fuelled toddler!

Our Puppy Course is more than just a puppy class! We teach you life skills that your puppy needs to be able to deal with whatever our crazy world throws at them, in all situations. A puppy that you can walk with pride as they focus on you, a calm confident and happy puppy in your home as well as understanding how to cope with real world distractions.

This puppy training course is also perfect for rescue dogs and dogs of any age that need to learn some foundation skills.

What you get..

Consists of:

ALL of this for just £120.00

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