On The Ball - Dog Behaviour and Training


Nikki is exactly what I needed. Why? Because not only is she a fantastic dog trainer, she’s a brilliant human coach too!! I’ve come to realise that training your dog is just as much about your development and learning as theirs, and Nikki can help you with both.

Zoe with Sherlock

Virtual classes are really easy and simple – and I’m not very technically minded! But on top of that, they are so much fun. Nikki makes it a very relaxed atmosphere so you can ask questions, share experiences and problems with everyone and have a laugh too.

Michelle with Maddie

Nikki has given us skills and techniques to take out and about which has transformed our whole life with Nova. After quite a trying start, I genuinely love owning, walking and working with Nova and knowing that Nikki is always there.

Jen with Nova

There are times when owning a reactive dog like Stanley really wears me down and I wonder if I can keep going. Then I go to one of the On The Ball classes like this morning and I feel so much better and so happy about training him.

Christine with Stanley

I have been training with Nikki for a little over two years now and I have never met anyone with as much passion for dogs, training, coaching, life….everything! Her training knowledge goes so much further than training your standard sit, stay etc. She has a solution for every problem and it never ceases to amaze me how she holds a class of students and dogs engaged!

Lucy with Bailey, Nova & Rad

Dozens of hours watching YouTube videos, various shows on dog experts, reading books, researching websites; yet I still learnt more about dogs in my 1 hour 121 session with Nikki. If you’re new to dog training like me, I couldn’t highly recommend Nikki’s services enough.

Sam with Elvis

On The Ball has been an absolute godsend for us. Oakley is the first dog we have ever owned and I have to say we had no idea where to start with training, but then we found Nikki. There are loads of classes to choose from, and who knew you could train a dog by playing games? it’s absolutely brilliant. Nikki’s knowledge and passion for what she does is very much shown in her delivery and professionalism, I can’t recommend On the ball enough and we look forward to more classes.

Emma with Oakley

On The Ball has become a big part of my life and I couldn’t be happier about it! Nikki and her gorgeous team of dogs work tirelessly to provide the most fun, exciting sessions and it is so clear to see how happy, healthy and engaged any dog that crosses her path can become. Before collecting our Sprocker puppy, Ronnie. I asked in a local Facebook group about puppy classes or dog trainers and carers in the area. Nikki’s name and company were the clear leaders in their field and after meeting them, becoming friends with the most wonderful team and enjoying every aspect of training that they offer, I can 100% see why. I was invited to spectate at a puppy class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Nikki’s game based training was a breath of fresh air after reading numerous books and watching countless videos, trying to get ahead ready for our new arrival. I was instantly hooked and decided to attend a few more sessions to see what else the On the Ball team had to offer. Their agility classes, gun dog classes and obedience masterclasses all offer a variety of games based skills that you and your dog can use in SO many situations. I’ve since started puppy sessions with Ronnie and I am astounded at how quickly he has progressed. He is calm and restful when he needs to be, and inquisitive and playful with everyone he meets. I am so excited about the future with On The Ball and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I have seen Nikki work with a variety of dogs- the naughty and the nice- and her positive methods are really a force to be reckoned with! Thank you. So much!

Alice with Ronnie
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