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Behaviour Transformation Package

Behaviour Transformation Package

🌟 Are you in need of some one on one support for your dog?

If you are currently struggling with your dog and need some extra help and guidance we can help.

On The Ball offer a Behavioural Transformation Package to support you and your dogs individual struggles. 

Our Behaviour Transformation Packages consist of a set number of sessions with your assigned instructor in order to work towards and achieve your goals.

Train the dog in front of you! As we know that all dogs are different, it is important to note that not all training plans are the same. We take your dogs specific needs, breed type and struggles into account before creating a training plan for you.

Whats included in your Behavioural Transformation Package?

  • A unique Behavioural Transformation Plan that has been designed bespoke for your dog
  • A set number of 121s to work with your instructor towards your specific goals
  • The Student Room – for a small additional fee you can opt-in to join this space – a place to share videos, and progress with other students working towards their own goals with their dogs.
  • Coaching Group – additional opportunity to gain access to On The Ball’s Coaching Group.

What does it cost?

Every dog is different when it comes to their behaviour and of course their individual struggles. With this in mind our prices are bespoke for each individual dog.

If you would like to deep dive into your dogs behaviour and receive some help to untangle those struggles, please get in touch!

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