On The Ball - Dog Behaviour and Training

Weekly Classes & Monthly Training Membership

On The Ball offers a wide variety of weekly classes, both in person and virtually. We are games based Concept Trainers, working in a fun way with our dogs in order to fix struggles and behavioural issues.

I’m sure you can all relate – attending a dog training class but leaving without any more knowledge or progress with your dog – sometimes feeling that your dog was actually not right for that class at all!

At On The Ball, we are certain that whatever your struggle we can help you and your dog with the right training plan and advice.

I have a huge passion in working with dogs & their owners, and no matter the struggle I will give you my wholehearted support & guidance. There is nothing better than seeing the transformation take place and seeing the effect this has on the rest of the family.
Nikki Thurston

In Person Classes
Utilising both our Outdoor and Indoor training venues we are able to offer a selection of classes. From Puppy Classes, to Agility – we are sure there will be something to suit everyone!

Virtual Classes
Due to the Covid lockdown in 2020, On The Ball branched out into the Virtual World by offering their dog training classes to anyone. Accessible to students from all over the world it is now possible to continue working towards your dog training goals, from the comfort of your own home.

Weekly classes are;

  • In person classes are £15.00 / session
  • Virtual classes are £10.00 / session
  • Monthly Training Membership is £65.00 / month

Click here for our Training Timetable

Monthly Training Membership
Our Training Membership is a monthly cost of £65.00. For this you can access up to three classes of your choice each week, both virtually and/or in person.

Spectate on a Class
We offer all new customers a chance to see what we do, and meet the team by spectating on a class of your choice for free!
On registration, just select the option to ‘spectate for free’ and you will be able to attend.

We also offer Spectating Packages – click here for more information. These are popular for people who are planning on getting a dog and want to learn everything they need to know before they arrive, to ensure they set off on the right track. It is also a great option for those who may have a dog dealing with reactivity issues as the owner is still able to learn and put the skills in practice in their own time.

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