The Puppy Course is our comprehensive 6 week training course including handouts, private facebook group and more, to help your puppy to be the well adjusted and happy dog that you want!

The Puppy Course

This is more than just teaching your dog to sit or lay down, we teach you life skills that your puppy needs to be confident and happy in all situations. Also suitable for rescue dogs and dogs of any age that need to learn some foundations skills, or that are new to concept training.

When you first get a puppy ‘Puppy Classes’ come to mind.  Everyone does them – you see them advertised everywhere! But how do you even begin to decide WHO to go with? You want to make sure you are starting off on the right foot and with the right TYPE of training.

Why Choose Us?

We have been successfully training puppies and dogs for years and we believe we have the MOST comprehensive puppy package out there! Head Trainer Nikki Thurston is qualified in Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology, a Kennel Club Agility Judge, and is also a guest training Instructor at the UK’s BIGGEST dog training centre, Devon Dogs. Nikki was trained by world renowned Agility champion Lauren Langman and Vet Behaviourist Tom Mitchell, owners of Absolute Dogs.  As a Pro Dog Trainer, and a founding member of their coaching programme, Nikki is also currently coached by Lauren and Tom and prides herself on keeping up to date with all the latest science and research in dog training.

So we don’t just do 6 classes in a village hall, teaching your puppy sit and stay (which to be fair to your puppy, can be SUPER hard to achieve in SUCH a distracting environment!)


Puppy courses run throughout the year, both in person AND virtually.

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