On The Ball - Dog Behaviour and Training

The All-in-One Training Packages

At On The Ball we offer pre-recorded training packages for some of the most common dog training struggles. Each package consists of 6 sessions which you will be able to access for life and watch in the comfort of your own home. 

– No Pulling Package 

– Reliable Recall Package

– Optimism Boost Package

– No Barking Package

– Reactivity No More Package

– Separation Anxiety No More Package

– Calm & Cool Package

– Stop the Chase Package

– Calmer at Home Package 

When taking part in any of the packages we would recommend that you see each pre-recorded class as a training focus plan to work on for at least 3-4 weeks. Therefore each package should take approximately 6 months to complete. 

Please complete our Online Booking Form if you would like more information or to book one of these training packages.

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