On The Ball - Dog Behaviour and Training


Some people have never ONCE taken their dog to training. That might be because they think their dog doesn’t need training, they think it’s expensive, or they even think that dog training is just a bunch of ‘useless’ tricks.


If we want to make sure our car runs well, BEFORE it breaks, we get it serviced every year. If we want to continue our own professional development, we take courses. If we want to learn to relax more, we might learn how to meditate. Can you see where this is going?

We invest in our material things, and we invest in ourselves; so why aren’t we investing in our dogs? Why don’t we try and STOP the unwanted behaviour before it’s even started?

Let’s clear up a few things first.

  • Concept training with On the Ball is NOT simply teaching your dog a sit, or a stay. Boring for you, boring for your dog.
  • It’s NOT trying to get your dog to heel next to you, behind another dog, walking around in a circle while they all bark and pull at each other at the village hall.
  • It’s NOT forcing your dog to do things they don’t want to do.
  • It’s NOT getting results by punishing your dog with intimidation or shouting.
  • It’s NOT feeling like a failure because you and your dog ‘got it wrong’.
  • It’s NOT going to a class and then being left to your own devices for the rest of the week.

On the Ball Dog Training bring FUN, PASSION and help build that bond between you and your dog through GAMES!

Concept training is about helping your dog to make the right decisions because those decisions are FUN! Life is a game for your dog, one that brings the RESULTS you want. It’s a lifestyle – not a behaviour tick list. It’s not pulling on leash, its checking in with you and amazing recall, it’s even choosing to chill out at home when people come over.

What’s more, the best thing you can do, is build this relationship with your dog NOW so that bad behaviours are far less likely to develop in the future.

Most of my students come to visit me for a one to one because behaviour has developed out of the blue, or because they just aren’t seeing the real-life results with their current style of training. Unwanted behaviours, when left to develop and left to be rehearsed can cause a major headache for you and your dog.

Teaching behaviours doesn’t tend to cut it in the real world. That’s why game- based concept training is taking the world by storm. The latest research and studies have shown that confident and calm dogs have FAR less struggles, and at On The Ball, we know we can help you turn a pessimistic dog into a confident dog. We can show you the games to guard that confidence in your dog so they are less likely to slip into unwanted behaviours in the future. Problems with your dog disengaging from the environment? There is a game for that too!

We owe it to our dogs to invest in them, to help them grow and be the happiest they can be. Remember that the next time you take your car for a service!

So if you want more than training in a “one size fits all box of sits, stays and downs” and want to stop the behaviour before it starts, then take the plunge and join an online workshop with us now! Head over to www.ontheballdog.training to book – we look forward to seeing you very soon!

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