Stronger, Faster, Fitter!

So what is Stronger, Faster, Fitter?

This is one of our personal favourite workshops! The ultimate workshop for any sports dog, covering lots of fun and exciting aspects needed for competition. We will look at subjects such as condition when not training, growing confidence on equipment to teaching skills for your chosen dog sport.

What does the workshop cover?

Would you like a better relationship with your dog? Would you like more motivation, skills or simply a happier dog?

  • Motivation & Energy
  • Confidence & Creativity
  • Relationship
  • Drive & Flexibility
Why Upgrade? 
You will get access to our huge range of PDF ebooks which are a great resource to refer back to when training.
24/7 private training group, with help for our Stronger, Faster, Fitter Instructors
Plus a 1:1 on a subject of your choice, at a time that is convenient to you with a Stronger, Faster, Fitter Instructor.
Stronger, Faster, Fitter will give you access to a community of like minded and motivated dog trainers. Now that is cool!
The Workshop
This will consist of a full days training with On The Ball working on a wide variety of methods of training agility.
The Academy
Upgrade to the academy and not only do you get the workshop but instant access into the online group, giving you all the help and backing you need
Academy Plus 
Get the ultimate package of not only a full days training, access to the online group but also a 1:1 with one of our Stronger, Faster, Fitter instructors.

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