Home Visits


Home Visits


If you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone, we can help you out. We can arrange a visit to your house, to walk, play, feed your dog, putting your mind at ease.

These visits last half an hour to an hour, but if longer is required just let me know.

If there is a certain skill or area of training that you would like me to work on whilst spending time with your dog, I will be more than happy to help.

1 x 30 minute visit = £15.00
1 x 45 minute visit = £22.50
1 x 60 minute visit = £30.00

If you need more than one visit per day, we can arrange a discount for you.

Extra – If you have any small animals in your home we can also check on them too. £2.00 extra


Each home visit will include:

–     Toilet training

–     Feeding when/if required

–     Play time

–     Socialising

–     Administration of Medication

–     Training, if required

–    A walk, if required

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