Game Changers

 So what is Game Changers? 

 Does your dog lack focus? Would like a better connection with your dog? Does your dog lung on a lead or bark? Does your dog get frustrated easily? Is your dog pessimistic, nervous or scared? Does your dog chase and not come back when its called?
Game Changers will teach your dog real life focus, true team work, bomb proof reliability on and off lead, whip lash recalls and so much more.
Learn how to create a dog who truly desires to work for you and makes great choices in everyday life, thought fun, motivational and exciting games.
We have all been to a class and come away trying to remember what you have learnt. This is where our new way of training is going to be different. We can link the big gaps between those training sessions with the professionals, giving you the support and advice needed in reaching those goals you never thought were possible.
What does the workshop cover?
  • Optimism
  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Relationship
  • Flexibility
  • Focus
  • Desire
  • Grit
Game Changers Plus 
Access into the cool group, with help from the Game Changer community and our Game Changer Instructors
Plus two 1:1s on a subject of your choice, at a time that is convenient to you with a Game Changers Instructor.
The Workshop
This will consist of a full days training with On The Ball working on a wide variety of concepts though 3 minute games. Giving you real life result in a way that is fun and motivational.
Game Changers Plus
Upgrade and not only do you get the workshop but instant access into the online group, giving you all the help and backing you need along with two 1:1’s to help take your training journey further.
Cool Group
Once you have been added to the cool group, you will have a community of like minded people to surround yourself with. You will be able to share your training with the group and get help from the community.
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