Training Tracker App

Are you stuck in a rut with your dog training and don’t know where to turn?

On The Ball’s dog training tracker is designed to help track and make your dog training a pleasure and not a chore.

Set up individual goals for all of your dogs and keep track of their progress as they head towards their targets.

“For many years I found record keeping for my own dogs hard work but I needed a quicker and easier solution and this is where this app comes in” — Nikki Thurston, Founder and Head Trainer of On The Ball Dog Care and Training.


Add as many dogs as you have in your household.


Each day you can check off which games you’ve played towards your daily goal. You also get handy charts that help you understand how you are progressing to your overall goal.


You can customise your goals to your hearts content or pick from bespoke training templates from our Head Trainer Nikki!


If you’re struggling with your training or just want to improve you can easily get in touch with the team to book a group class or 121, whether it’s in person or over a video call so we can help you set your goals.


Take a look at the photos below to get a feel of the app and how it works!

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