The Weekly Agility Club

This is our weekly class for our budding agility handlers. We give you the time to practice skills and push your forward by teaching you new and exciting methods in agility.

Nothing stands still and agility certain doesn’t, its ever changing and we like to be the same. No two classes are ever the same! Enrol today for an action packed class with real friendly and like minded class mates.

Click the link to book agility training now!

Why Agility Classes?

Agility is about training regularly and keeping the momentum to reach those goals like teaching a solid and fast seesaw or great entries into the weaves. With this in mind its no wonder all of  our weekly agility club students sign up to the monthly subscription. This enables them to come to as many classes as they want throughout a month. Giving them the flexibility to attend classes but more importantly they keep hitting there goals time and time again!

When Are Classes Held? 

Tuesdays: 6pm – 7pm

Wednesdays: 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Saturdays: 9.00am – 10.00am

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