Team Strike Demo Dogs

We are very proud to introduce, On The Ball’s very own demonstration team! Team Strike started off as just a innovative and practical way to help our students understand dog training. Founded with Matt & Strike as a chance to see things in practise it has now grown into something much more. With all On The Ball’s dogs now involved and other handlers, Team Strike has grown alongside On The ball, always on hand for the right dog for the right demo.

Woody – Aspenwood Babel

Woody is a seven year old working cocker spaniel who has taught us so much! He is a highly driven dog who loves to work but is also very happy to lay around on the sofa with you, on those lazy days.


Strike – Devongem Strike It Lucky

Strike is the founding member of Team Strike and has many skills. He is bursting with confidence and charisma he certainly loves to be centre stage!


Kaoss – Devongem Strike For Freedom

Kaoss is the youngest demo dog, but excels in many aspects of his training. He is a natural at agility, thoughtful and focused, making him a dream to train and live with.

If you require more information on our demo team please feel free to contact us.

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