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On The Ball Dog Care & Training
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by Becci on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Dogs Name: Max

I first got in touch with On the Ball because I wanted to do Agility with my adolescent Border Collie, Max. We had already done a puppy course with Max and we felt that his basic ‘training’ was done – oh how we were wrong! When we walked onto the field for that first session, Nikki could see that Max was literally pulling me off my feet as well as getting over excited around the other dogs, and she offered to help.
Accepting that offer for help was the one of the best decisions I have ever made, for my relationship with Max. Through the support of classes (virtual and in person), support outside of the classes and fun games– Max and I have a completely changed relationship. The dog that once didn’t really want to be close to me and would never slow down to catch a breath, can now be calm when out and about and values proximity. I joked with Nikki the other day that her guidance and classes we’re practically magic.

The second biggest positive for me, aside from Max, has been the community. You really do feel like one of the team. Unlike some other training groups, you can be completely honest about your struggles and not feel judged. The other dog owners have most likely been through the same and will rally round to support you and suggest ideas. When we have ‘wins’ with Max, everyone celebrates with you, it really is amazing.

Thanks again to the On the Ball team, we couldn’t recommend you enough.

by Emma Bailey on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Absolutely Brilliant
Dogs Name: Oakley

On the ball dog training has been an absolute god send for us. Oakley is the first dog we have ever owned and I have to say we had no idea where to start with training, but then we found Nikki. Nikki has been amazing with helping to sort out Oakley's diet, what to use for training, teaching us about high value and quality food's, and thanks to this Oakley now enjoys his food everyday. We have really enjoyed all of the virtual classes we have been joining in on with Oakley, there are loads of classes to choose from, and who knew you could train a dog by playing games? its
absolutely brilliant.

All of the classes are virtual, the way they are set up is perfect, Nikki has a demo camera so that you can see what you need to do before you do it, everyone is kept really involved throughout the lesson, Nikki just makes Oakley's learning really enjoyable not only for him but for us too.

Nikki's knowledge and passion for what she does is very much shown in her delivery and professionalism, I can't recommend On the ball enough and we look forward to more classes.

by Michelle Mcleod on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Just Awesome!
Dogs Name: Maddie

Nikki's virtual classes and 1-2-1 virtual sessions have been an absolute gamechanger for us this year. Maddie came to live with us (age 2) in February with so much baggage! Everything made her anxious inside the house and she had almost no experience outside the house so everything there was overwhelming too - she would react by pulling to the point of choking, barking and lunging at anything, especially other dogs! We knew we needed help big time but then the world went into lockdown. Luckily we discovered Nikki who came to the rescue with some virtual 1:1 sessions first and she was just so positive and gave great advice (via zoom!) that it gave us the courage to keep going! I honestly am not sure what we would have done or where we would be without her!

With great advice from Nikki, Maddie began to trust us and gain more confidence and so we decided to join in with virtual classes too! They have been a total lockdown lifesaver! Through the games based training, Maddie and I have learnt so much! We now do an Obedience class (great fun and nothing at all like the "old style" obedience classes I once attended with my first dog), a fitness class, Game on and Young Dogs as well as some themed workshops, all via Zoom! There's even virtual agility and tricks class - I just need more hours in the week to fit everything in! Everything we have learned (and are still learning 8 months on) has enabled me to gain Maddie's trust and focus on me so that when we head outside (which is slowly becoming less overwhelming for her!) she is calmer and more manageable but has also given me the tools to keep her active, entertained and happy at home and in the garden too!

Even without lockdown, I would still absolutely recommend virtual classes especially for an anxious or "reactive" dog. In person classes with other dogs would have been too much for Maddie, but we have been able to learn things much more quickly as we are already in her comfort zone (the living room!)

Virtual classes are really easy and simple - and I'm not very technically minded! But on top of that they are so much fun ! Nikki makes it a very relaxed atmosphere so you can ask questions, share experiences and problems with everyone and have a laugh too! There is a great community of people there (and in the facebook group) and everyone's at a different stage in their dog training journey but this makes it great, because you can learn from each other as well as commiserate (or laugh) with each other when things dont go to plan!

I would recommend On the Ball classes and Nikki's training to anyone!

by Helen Taylor on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Puppy packages
Dogs Name: MC²

We are really impressed with the realistic, successful and personal support that ‘On The Ball’ provides. We needed a trainer that understood our struggles and put our family at the heart of the solution finding. Nikki’s professional approach ticks all the boxes. Thanks to the simple games, excellent modelling and welcoming environment where we are free to ask everything, our puppy is now thriving and we are learning together so quickly. Thanks the amazing package of support, our puppy is becoming a calm, well mannered four legged family member. We can’t thank her enough.

by Kate on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Online Training with Nikki
Dogs Name: Pi and Indy

I think Nikki is one of the best dog trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with, but her online classes have taken it to the next level. I have attended several online sessions this week and I honestly felt as if Nikki was in my living room with me! The technology has worked flawlessly; the set-up is fab and Nikki’s explanations are spot on. The demo’s make it really clear what we need to do and how to troubleshoot any issues, and as ever the feedback on my attempts was really helpful. Nikki is so good at identifying areas for improvements and tweaking my technique to help me achieve a better outcome! I absolutely love these online classes and definitely get as much out of them as I would at in-person training session - I can’t recommend them highly enough.

by Lucy Full on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Dogs Name: Bailey, Nova & Rad

I have been training with Nikki for a little over two years now and I have never met anyone with as much passion for dogs, training, coaching, life....everything!
Her training knowledge goes so much further than training your standard sit, stay etc. She has a solution for every problem and it never ceases to amaze me how she holds a class of students and dogs engaged!

I train my three collies in tricks, scent, life skills, agility and whilst it seems almost impossible for one person to be an expert in some many different aspects of dog training - Nikki really does!

I travel from Chesterfield to train with Nikki as much as possible, and not only for the dog training, but for the buzz and positivity that her classes have - you are always made to feel welcome.

All of her lessons have the perfect mix of theory and practical and making sure everything is relevant to success in the real world. I also try to get a Skype 121 in every month to top up my own personal goals with my dogs.

I couldn't recommend Nikki and On The Ball highly enough. I wouldn't have the bombproof collies I do without her.

by Hannah on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
What a transformation!
Dogs Name: Noodle

Hi everyone 🐾
Me and Sam have been meaning to write on here about our progress and after seeing some lovely new dogs today in class it triggered us to do it! We had only had Noodle for a few weeks when we first came and he had spent most of his puppy life at a rescue centre after the RSPCA took him off his previous owners for neglect. He is an intelligent and loving dog and we knew we had a long journey ahead.
Our first session with Noodle was hard and we didn't know if we could continue, but we came back the following week and haven't looked back! We have now done 6 weeks and the progress Noodle has made is amazing! He is a new dog!
It has been a learning curve for him but for us too. We can now walk him without him being bouncy and nipping at us. We can go on walks and have his attention on us. He can now go off lead and not get distracted. All these things we didn't think we could achieve. We still have good days and bad days but don't we all!!!!
For those of you that have started please stick with it, trust me!!!
Thank you so much to Nikki and the team for the amazing techniques and guidance you give ❤

by Louisa on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Everything you could wish for!
Dogs Name: Ray

Nikki & her team have become such a big part of our dog life. We originally started using On The Ball for daycare to support me in the week while my partner was deployed overseas on work. They are so flexible & made it so easy for me to book Ray in & even change plan last min.
Quickly built up a strong relationship with Nikki and often contacted her for just tips & advice. I now use her for 121 sessions to improve Ray’s self control in certain situation & its crazy how a few small tricks can change things so quickly. But not only has she supported Ray she’s been there for me to help build my confidence.
Thankyou for everything you’ve done for Ray & me.

by Alice on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
On The Ball are FABULOUS
Dogs Name: Ronnie

On The Ball has become a big part of my life and I couldn’t be happier about it! Nikki and her gorgeous team of dogs work tirelessly to provide the most fun, exciting sessions and it is so clear to see how happy, healthy and engaged any dog that crosses her path can become.
Before collecting our Sprocker puppy, Ronnie. I asked in a local Facebook group about puppy classes or dog trainers and carers in the area. Nikki's name and company were the clear leaders in their field and after meeting them, becoming friends with the most wonderful team and enjoying every aspect of training that they offer, I can 100% see why.
I was invited to spectate at a puppy class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Nikki’s game based training was a breath of fresh air after reading numerous books and watching countless videos, trying to get ahead ready for our new arrival. I was instantly hooked and decided to attend a few more sessions to see what else the On the Ball team had to offer. Their agility classes, gun dog classes and obedience masterclasses all offer a variety of games based skills that you and your dog can use in SO many situations.
I’ve since started puppy sessions with Ronnie and I am astounded at how quickly he has progressed. He is calm and restful when he needs to be, and inquisitive and playful with everyone he meets. I am so excited about the future with On The Ball and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I have seen Nikki work with a variety of dogs- the naughty and the nice- and her positive methods are really a force to be reckoned with!
Thank you. So much!

by Zoe on On The Ball Dog Care & Training
Turning our struggles into strengths!!
Dogs Name: Sherlock

Nikki is exactly what I needed. Why? Because not only is she a fantastic dog trainer, she’s a brilliant human coach too!! I’ve come to realise that training your dog is just as much about your development and learning as theirs, and Nikki can help you with both. To date, I have now invested in eight 1-2-1s with Nikki during my journey with Sherlock, because the proof is in the pudding and her teaching works.

First thing is, she will set you completely at ease, you know you’re in a safe pair of hands. Then she will help you identify which struggles to work on first and explain clearly and simply the best games and management skills to use to help your dog learn. You will learn how to deliver training in a fun and effective way that will have the wonderful effect of also boosting your relationship with your dog and deepening your bond. She’ll also help you develop a lesson plan so that you can continue the learning at home. Your dog will soon begin to make good decisions all by themselves.

Nothing is ever too much, no question is silly, it’s safe to open up emotionally. I’ve cried quite a few times in my sessions with Nikki when discussing raising Sherlock, because having a naughty but nice dog is hard. She will talk through the struggles with you, reassure you, boost your optimism and help you find solutions. She’s got your back!!

Nikki is so invested in her students, she so wants you to succeed and see you and your dog flourishing. For her, the lesson doesn’t stop when the student goes home. She’s always turning it over in her mind, trying to think of new ideas to suggest. And she’s always there to support you if you need it. She will teach you how to turn your struggles into strengths in a fun way, helping you both reach your potential, what more could you ask for?

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