Recommended Suppliers and Discounts

Here we bring you our tried and tested food, toys and more for your dog.

Some suppliers offer affiliate discounts so please make sure to click the website link and enter the discount code provided below.

For food and treat orders please contact us for our next order date or check our facebook group for announcements.  The benefit of ordering food with us means that you don’t have to pay for delivery! You can collect the food or we can drop it off on our travels.


Tug-e-nuff are the GO TO in training and tuggy toys.  We use them a lot in our training classes and find our dogs really build up value in being with us, including pocket sized tugs you can take on a walk for those ‘kapow’ moments to help with the ultimate recall.

Visit the website above and enter code ONTHEBALL for 10% discount on your first order.


AOK9 offer a variety of supplements created by vet behaviourists and dog trainers.  With a unique combination of ingredients not found elsewhere,  the supplements not only help with flexibility for working/sports dogs but also aid calmness in anxious or fearful dogs.

They also provide a range of training treat bags and licki mats!

You can get 10% discount off your first order by clicking the link above and entering discount code ONTHEBALL at checkout.


Natures Menu

For all your raw dog food and raw treats including tinned food and cat food pouches.

Websters Dog Food

We use and recommend their working dog kibble as it has a high meat content and comes in big wholesale bags of 15kg or smaller bags of 2kg.


Pet treats Wholesale

The UKs leading gourmet dog sausage and treats, Pet Treats Wholesale stock a wide range of natural treats perfect for those long lasting chews.

Ordering Food

We put food orders in once a month – please contact us for our next order date with your shopping list.

We are always happy to give recommendations too!




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