Meet Our Customers

Here is a quick introduction about our customers… Click the name of each dog to see their photos and find out more…!


[togglegroup][toggle title=”Al”]Al is a red & white Border Collie. To sum him up…

“Al is the most entertaining red-headed thief, he is extremely nosy and intelligent and is a great escape artist!!! His training is going well but he is definitely not a handbag dog!!!”

We help his owner walk & train him on a regular basis. He is a lot of fun!




[togglegroup][toggle title=”Peppy & Missy”]Peppy & Missy are two complete different characters…

Missy is a very happy dog who loves everything! Peppy on the other hand can be quite grumpy and much prefers to keep himself to himself!

They both love their daily walks as their owners are both house-bound.

Peppy & Missy

[/toggle][toggle title=”Blu”]Blu is a beautiful Husky with the most stunning eyes! Blu stays with us when his owners are away for short breaks, or holidays.


[/toggle][toggle title=”Buster”]Buster is a working cocker spaniel who absolutely loves his walks! We have helped Buster overcome a number of issues and are helping him to settle in with the normal family routine.

Buster & Jesse

[/toggle][toggle title=”Austin”] Austin is a working cocker spaniel – he is a lot of fun and has endless energy!

“Austin is a very loving and affectionate boy with endless energy!! He is a lot of fun to be around and loves playing in the woods!”



[/toggle][toggle title=”Tilly”]Tilly is a Labrador with a real cheeky character – she loves her walks and is extremely quick to learn!  She is always so happy to see us when we visit!


[/toggle][toggle title=”Sparky”]Sparky is a stunning  Coton De Tulear. He is quite nervous around new people so we are working hard to help him overcome this fear so he can start to enjoy his walks.


[/toggle][toggle title=”Evie & Willow”]

Evie & Willow



[/toggle][toggle title=”Tansy & Bella”][/toggle][toggle title=”Penny”][/toggle][toggle title=”Rudy”][/toggle][toggle title=”Sparky”][/toggle][toggle title=””][/toggle][/togglegroup]


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