Complete Training Programme

The Complete Package! So what does this include?

Initial Consultation 

All packages start with a 20 minute phone consultation with our head instructor Nikki. This is to gain as much information as possible about you and your dogs strengths & struggles.

Handler & Dog Assessment

The first part of the assessment consists of the Instructor speaking to the parents to find out what the challenges are. This will last up to 30 minutes. During this time your dog will not be present. You can either leave your dog in that car at this time or if this isn’t possible we will supply a safe place for your dog to stay until the discussion stage of the assessment is complete. It would be helpful if you are able to video the challenges that you need help with beforehand, to show the Trainer, but this isn’t essential.

Once the discussion stage is complete you will be asked to get your dog and the practical assessment will commence. The Instrucotr will give you instructions on the day on the format of the assessment as this will depend on the challenges of the dog’s present.

Focus Planning

Once your instructors have gained enough information from the consultation and practical assessment. The team will work together to produce a generic focus plan totally tailored to you and the dog.

The Course

Our course a like no other. As concept trainers we will instil confidence building, optimism training, susceptibility to rewards, flexibility to learning, grit, and much much more.

Some of the skills the dogs learn on the complete dog training program are loose leash walking, the foundations of recall (as recall has to be an ongoing journey rather than a quick fix), to hold a stationary position (sit, down or stand) general good manners training including polite meet and greets with humans, and other dogs,

Progress Reports 

This is when is gets really exciting. Your dog  will get to work with our amazing instructors on a daily basis learning many different skills and concepts. We will keep you updated on your dog’s training progress during their stay. You will also be added to our private Facebook Group that has been created exclusively for the purpose of updating owners on the progress of their dogs throughout the training process. You can also opt for a weekly call from one of the instructors working with your dog to get all the details on their progress.

Demonstration & Handler Training

When it comes to collecting your dog at the end of the programme, you will view a demonstration of your dog working with the trainer. Once this is complete you will meet back up with your dog and you will start your handler training lesson. The lesson will usually last between around an hour, but as the aim of the lesson is to teach you how to handle your dog in the way that he has been trained then it could be longer. We will send you away with the skills you need to handle your dog in the same way as the trainer. So in short, we teach your dog new skills, we teach you the new skills and you are then ready to enjoy them together.

Aftercare and Bonus Training

As your dog has spent along time with On The Ball and you have only had a few hours, we would encourage you to attend as many aftercare sessions as you can. The aftercare period is included as part of the course and lasts for 3 months following departure. Aftercare sessions may be individual one to one sessions with your dogs and the trainer initially, progressing to group follow up sessions, when the Trainer feels you are both ready.

Video Diary 

You will also be given the opportunity to receive a video diary of your dogs training at On The Ball. This video will be approximately 10minute long, showing you what exactly your dog and the instructors have been up to. We will hand pick the best bits for their stay, them learning new skills and their struggles that have turned into strengths.

Please note: 

This course is not suitable for dogs who are anxious or aggressive. If your dog is showing either of these behaviours then check out our Behaviour Modification Programme.


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