Behavioural Modification

Is your dog ‘Naughty But Nice’?  What’s a ‘Naughty But Nice’ dog? – I hear you ask!

This is what On The Ball sees when it comes to a dog that is labelled as a “Behavioural” case or with “issues”. They may have their bad habits, but they have also got many good ones which are often overlooked when problems start to arise! We can help by giving you the tools, understanding and knowledge to improve yours and your dogs’ lives.

What does our package include? 

1 Consultation Approximately 30 Minutes 

This is the initial part of the package, where we collect as much information as possible about you and your dog. This will include back ground information, how you currently live with your dog, the dogs nature and most importantly your goals.

4 Taylor made focus plans generic to you and your dog

These focus plans detail progressive aims and techniques tailored to your exact needs. Each plan will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. The plan remains yours to keep for future reference.

4 Conference or telephone calls

These call will be be the start of each new focus plan. We will run through your progress and review what you have learned. You will then be given the next focus plan and the tools needed to continue with your training.


Behavioural Modification Plus

If you feel you really need a hands on approach you can opt to upgrade to have your conference calls in a 1:1 format. This will give you the opportunity to work at home with one of instructors. Remember this is about giving you the skills to train your dog, our instructors can only instruct you and cannot do the training for you.

Naughty But Nice DVD

You will also get a 2 hour DVD included in your package with in depth cover, including topics such as; becoming your dogs expert, understanding how your dog learns and canine emotion.

We work closely with other Behavioural companies such as absoluteDOGS and we are often referred to by Behavioural Veterinary Practices.


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